I have hired Brandon to incorporate and help us grow several of my business interests.  He understands what I need, the way my other commitments play into my businesses, and he keeps everything safe. I rely on Brandon to keep my needs taken care of during the season and to teach me to become a better entrepreneur in the off-season. 

M.B. - NFL Player, Super Bowl Champion

presentations to groups ranging from just a few attorneys in private practice to several hundred entrepreneurs.

This year, Leopoldus has presented at the Sports Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference, Digital Footprint (a “Can’t-Miss Event” by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine), and City Summit.

Presentations Include:
⚫️    American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment & Sports Industries

⚫️    The American Dream television program
⚫️    City Summit’s Entertainment Business Mastermind
⚫️    Digital Entertainment World Conference
⚫️    Digital Footprint Conference
⚫️    Los Angeles Athlete Initiative
⚫️    Los Angeles Clippers
⚫️    Mintz Levin Cohen Ferris Glovsky and Popeo PC
⚫️    O’Melveny & Myers LLP
⚫️    University of Oregon’s Entertainment and Sports Conference
⚫️    San Diego Padres
⚫️    Sports Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference
⚫️    USC Gould School of Law

There is nobody I trust more than Brandon with my on and off-field needs for me and my family.

O.N. - ​San Diego, CA

Client Testimonials:

Brandon listens to you and requests and reviews documents so he can understand the issues before making recommendations for a course of action. Important to me is that he is not afraid to say "let me research our options" or consult with a colleague rather than dive into uncharted waters. He is also not afraid to say, "No. That's not a good idea." or a flat out "No. That would be a bad deal to make and I won't let you do it.", something which he has done to me in more than one development deal.

D.E. - Los Angeles, CA

Leopoldus’ sports practice focuses on representing individuals working in high level, Olympic, and professional sports including blue-chip high school recruits facing discipline, collegiate athletes entering the draft, Olympians, professional/retired athletes, and sports officials.   

Some of his highlights have included representing a two-time NFL All-Pro with his off-field business and personal endeavors, protecting and enforcing the intellectual property rights of an 8-year NBA veteran, negotiating a six-figure purchase of a sports officiating assigning business, developing the structure of an indoor baseball training facility for a Major League Baseball All-Star, and advising top-tier collegiate athletes entering the draft.

Since 2011, Leopoldus has been writing various articles on legal topics relating to the representation of celebrity and athlete clients to various publications.

As the only lawyer asked to write for the new Sellebrity Magazine, Leopoldus has gained nation-wide attention with real estate and service professionals working with the elite-level clientele reading the magazine.

Leopoldus first began writing content for Legal Ink Magazine, an online legal publication. In these articles, Leopoldus focused on practice pointers for attorneys who do not regularly work with athlete clients.

​Officiating has remained a passion for Leopoldus since his days in the Minor Leagues. He writes a regular legal column for Referee Magazine, 

Leopoldus is regularly invited to speak on overcoming adversity, learning lessons from unexpected sources, entrepreneurship, and sports and entertainment law. He draws his lessons from growing up with a sister who was an Olympic-level gymnast and then embarking on his own sports career as an umpire in Minor League Baseball, and his experience working closely with noble and high-visibility clients and owning his own businesses.

Leopoldus has been featured on major television networks, presented at law schools, and spoken at various conferences and events across the country.

In the last few years, he has given more than three dozen 

By Sports & Entertainment Attorney, Brandon Leopoldus, Esq.

In April of 2018, Leopoldus signed a three-book deal based on a program he has developed focused on teaching other professionals the proper methods and strategies in dealing with elite-level clients.

The first program and book with the same name, The Financial C.O.M.B.I.N.E., is slated to be published before the end of 2018.

Leopoldus is building these programs for professionals currently working with elite-level clients and those just starting to work with these clients.  His goal is to help them provide exceptional service, and to educate and shorten the learning curve with insights people may not otherwise have developed.

Believing that it is better to have an industry with a multitude of high-performance professionals, Leopoldus focuses on sharing his experience and learning from others. He wants the industry and clients to have more education on the issues he handles so his influential clients can positively impact their communities by devoting time, resources, and attention to the benefits and causes that mean the most to them.

Providing tremendous legal resources to businesses and individuals with a primary or secondary focus on the sports and entertainment industries. 

FUEL Cities Include: Atlanta, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York City, Orange County, CA, San Francisco, Southwest Florida,  Tampa, and Washington D.C. 

Leopoldus practices the same techniques he advises his clients in his own endeavors apart from his law practice.

As a co-founder of FUEL, the only network/mastermind group for vetted professionals working in the athlete, celebrity, high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth spaces, he shares best practices across a wide variety of industries.  FUEL is now in twelve cities in the United States and boasts more than 500 “FUEL’ers” on their distribution list.

FUEL was founded out of necessity when Leopoldus and his co-founders realized they needed a network of like-minded professionals working with clients across the country that could utilize one another.

Since it’s inception, FUEL has held dozens of events and has partnered with some of the most influential professionals and businesses working with notable clientele.  Leopoldus often travels to FUEL events across the country and works closely with FUEL members to provide his clients and connections added value of being able to provide top-tier, trusted referrals.

Brandon supplies expert legal advice to me and our non-profit corporation. Brandon always treats everyone like they are his most important client.

​T.B. - MLB Veteran

His experience with corporate clients ranges from solopreneurs and family-owned businesses to technology startups and billion-dollar brands.

Leopoldus’ corporate practice focuses on transactional matters from brand strategy and intellectual property use and protection, to employment matters.  Some of his specialties include brand management, digital media, special event production, concert tours, advertising, licensing, venue leases, real estate investments, corporate strategy, and employment law.

Notable Clients Include: Gilbert Arenas, Jason Bartlett, Michael Bennett, City Gala, City Summit, Eric Chenowith, Copper State Umpires Association, Debbie Elias, Tom Sean Foley, Brett Gardner, Robert Griffith, John Kaiser, Matt Kirshen, Tra Lewis, Nicole Lopez, Alfonso Marquez, Alec Martinez, Gal Mekel, MGO Wealth Advisors, Ocean Games, LLC, Taras Shelestyuk, TCR Sports Performance, and many more. 

As a recognized leader in sports and entertainment law, Leopoldus has been sought after for his insight as well as for the innovative solutions and tactics he utilizes for his clients in these industries.

In 2016, Leopoldus was instrumental in creating the Los Angeles Athlete Initiative, an effort to provide athletes insights into various professional service industries.  This event was hosted at the Tom Bradley Room at L.A. City Hall, and received rave reviews.

Attorneys have sought his guidance and he is a regular presenter at legal forums across the nation. 2018 marks the third year Leopoldus has presented at the Sports Lawyers Association’s Annual Conference.  This year, his presentation discussed building athlete brands in the 21st Century.

In 2018, Leopoldus was featured at the University of Oregon’s Sports and Entertainment Conference and presentations hosted by the Los Angeles Clippers and San Diego Padres. Leopoldus has also participated in the NFL Player Engagement’s Career Development Program and has built an educational draft preparation program for draft-eligible football players.

His unique approach has been featured by Sellebrity Magazine, Legal Ink Magazine, Front Office Sports, the American Bar Association, and the Sports Lawyers Association.

Leopoldus is a member of the American Bar Association’s Forum on the Entertainment & Sports Law Industries, the Sports Lawyers Association, Minor League Baseball Alumni Association, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association, the Sports & Entertainment Society, and is on the Steering Committee of sits on Sports Spectacular.

Brandon provided both solid advice, as well as actionable suggestions to help with my legal issues. He has a very calm demeanor, and Brandon is very easy to speak to and easily accessible.

​D.Z. - Los Angeles, CA

Founder of Leopoldus Law, Brandon Leopoldus, is a California-based attorney working with individuals and businesses whose primary or secondary focus is on the sports and entertainment industries.

I hired Brandon to settle a dispute in the entertainment industry. Brandon not only answered all of my questions but made me feel safe and calm. He got me the result that I wanted and I am so happy I made the decision to hire Brandon.

M.M. - Hollywood, CA

 focused on common legal issues officials face at the amateur and professional levels.

In late 2018, Leopoldus’ first book, The Financial C.O.M.B.I.N.E., is slated for publication. The first of three titles he is writing focuses on assisting financial advisors building and growing books of business in the entertainment and sports industries.

The second title will dive into proper legal strategies lawyers should consider when working with athlete clients beginning with clients in the amateur ranks, navigating the transition from amateur to professional status, during their professional career, the transition from professional to retirement, and the post-professional athlete stage of a client’s life.

The final book helps professionals involved in the entertainment and sports industries understand methods and strategies for developing a high-quality network of referral partners who are able to assist their notable clients.