Brandon's Story

Brandon Leopoldus, Esq.

I grew up in the upper echelon of sports, spending much of my childhood at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  My sister, now an accomplished lawyer in her own right, was an Olympic-level gymnast.  In my close-knit family, we did everything together.  I spent many hours in the gym, treatment rooms, and arena's as my sister chased her dream.  

My professional sports career began more than 15 years ago as an umpire.  I worked through injuries, missed calls, long road trips, and dungy locker rooms during my career, but I would not have changed a thing.  I was honored to work the playoffs three different seasons, was fortunate to be selected an All-Star umpire twice, and reached my goal of working a League Championship Series.  I also got to meet scores of wonderful people during this journey, many of which I work with on a regular basis to this day.

In 2015, I created the Los Angeles Athlete Initiative to give professional, Olympic, and top-tier athletes vetted resources they need.  I worked with a tremendous group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to enhancing the lives of sports professionals and their families.  The work we have done in connection and from the Initiative has been a joy.  

Now, I work in a law firm with a dedicated focus. We work with individual athletes and talent to protect them from some of the pitfalls their success is entangled far too often.  We have worked with some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment, as well as high school athletes, collegiate stars, and organizations and unions looking to provide their members with quality resources.

I look forward to working, speaking, presenting, and helping those in the sports world. Whether it be through being featured on legal panels across the country, contributing to publications such as Legal Ink Magazine and Referee Magazine, or with some of the great organizations I volunteer my time (the Sports Lawyers Association, Sports Spectacular, the Los Angeles Sports Business Alliance, etc.), I look forward to hearing from you and I wish you all the best! 

Always be SAFE!